Edenza’s white wood flat panel cabinetry will brighten and open up any space in the home. Whether these cabinets are installed in a kitchen, bath or laundry room, adding a contemporary and modern look has never been easier. Below you will find all specifications needed to help you make a choice on cabinetry. Shop cabinets from the comfort of your home and rely on our in stock, quick ship and curbside delivery.

European style

More than just
a cabinet

From our factory to your home we take pride in quality. All our ready to assemble cabinets are sourced from grade A plywood and manufactured for extended use. The six way adjustable DTC brand soft-closing hardware will work as hard as your kitchen does. Shop our reasonable prices today and see why thousands of households have trusted Edenza Kitchen and Bath for their cabinetry needs.



Edenza’s white wood flat panel kitchen and bath cabinets come in a color that is just as it sounds. It achieves a rustic look with minimal lines that is easy to clean and care for. The white color is easy to pair with many different types of flooring, paint and countertops for a truly balanced appearance.


The Euro series cabinet line achieves a modern yet contemporary look. Custom homes, apartments and workplaces can all benefit from this style. The European cabinetry style has integrated itself into American hearts and homes and is here to stay for many years to come.


The materials used in our Euro series are simple. Quality grade A plywood, DTC brand hardware and the smoothest melamine finishes on the market today. Once installed, these cabinets will serve your household and stand the test of time.

Cabinet Construction

  • 3/4″ Grade A Plywood box construction
  • 3/4″ Door panel
  • 3/4″ Grade A Plywood shelving
  • DTC brand six way adjustable soft closing hinges & drawers
  • Easy to assemble Euro cam lock system
  • Under-mount drawer system
  • Ready to assemble and install
  • In stock and quick ship guarantee


Let us answer few questions and help you with possible dilemmas.
What wall decor to use?
Which floor to go with?
What should I avoid?

Wall decor

Wall decor unquestionably brings out the cabinets as the highlight of the room. See our designer top choices for wall colors and materials below!


Choosing new flooring to pair with your cabinets is an important task. With that in mind we have compiled our top three material and color choices below.


New cabinets and countertops go hand in hand and are one of the final bust most important pieces to the puzzle. See our designer top trending choices below!


In our decade of experience we have learned to avoid some materials and colors. Compiled below are a few choices we don’t believe will pair well with our Euro White cabinets. 



Has all of the above information been helpful but you still don’t know where to start? Allow our licensed design experts to integrate your vision into a proffesional blueprint. Within 48 hours you will own a kitchen design that depicts where each cabinet will go, how it will look and how much it will cost.

How much does it cost?

Shopping around but are short on time? A 10′ by 10′ European Whitewood L shaped kitchen at Edenza is $2,300. With a flat rate shipping of $299, any distance and any number of cabinets, see why thousands of households have trusted Edenza Kitchen and Bath.